Consistent quality, lower costs, better business ... is something missing?

It could apply to many situations and sounds like an obvious promise, but if you consider that we are talking about spraying complex 3D objects with an anthropomorphic robot, you might be interested in reading.

Complex 3D geometries represent a major challenge and manually programming all the steps and trajectories necessary to paint the object efficiently and consistently is not a simple or fast operation.

Automation by means of an intelligent 3D reading barrier avoids manual intervention and guarantees speed and accuracy. For example, programming times can be reduced by approximately 50%.

Automation is a long-term investment that also generates immediate benefits in terms of easy-to-use equipment, quality and consistency of coating, paint savings and lower costs.


3D products with complex geometries | Download White Paper

iGiotto anthropomorphic spraying robot and cVision 3D reading system: THE WINNING DUO

iGiotto is a complete spray coating system for water-based and solvent-based products using an anthropomorphic robot designed to paint large-sized objects such as doors, window frames or objects with a complex shape. Coating consistency is ensured as well as optimisation of lacquer consumption. There are also water savings and lower costs due to fewer filter changes and their disposal.

As an optional integration into the iGiotto robot, cVision acquires the 3D image of the piece to be coated and uses its special software to determine the best trajectories

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